Tantra character build archer

tantra character build archer

These data shows the default stats of a level 1 character in Tantra Online. In the end, different builds has it's own pro's and cons. mental based mage di maganda damage na kakalabasan nyan, as far as i know nerve.
I've played several online games already namely RAN, Sho Online and Tantra. Al of which I have chosen to build an archer type character.
Browsed in the Tantra Forums for the Karya Build, Skills and Chakras. Skill section finished,info from Tantra Forums and from my character.

Tantra character build archer traveling

To start viewing messages,. Next you'll choose your race. Having weak defenses also prevents enhanced. Would appreciate much your inputs. I was thinking a losalamossarov.org should I lvl a mage? OnRPG and MMOHuts Forum Hub.
tantra character build archer

Tantra character build archer - - tour

Also, I'm not too picky on clans. Would appreciate much your inputs. BB code is On. I wont go into more detail, but PM if you do want more. So, better save up some money to buy upgraded equipments from other players rather than stress yourself trying to upgrade yours. Want to be a Tank eh? They can use Camoflague to hide from enemies and can track their prey too.